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Spike (Chris Foote)

Vouched By

  • Ziggy Maes

    Spike is both a name and a title within the Mozilla community. He's done such an incredibly amazing job coordinating the volunteers at the Mozilla Festival all these years, and I'm truly glad I've gotten the opportunity to work for him.

    He can always be found for a chat, be it Mozilla related or something completely random. He's a great friend before everything else.

  • Sarah Allen

    Spike is the fearless leader and Volunteer Coordinator for MozFest. He is an all round awesome mozillian and great friend to all.

  • Stefan Costen

    Spike is one of a kind, dedicated to supporting others in every way he can, he inspires many mozillians and volunteers Mozilla festival as the MozFest London Volunteer coordinator, Words can’t Describe Spikes Mozilla contribution but this would be as close as someone can go

    Spike Keep rocking the Open Web

  • Michelle Thorne

    Words can't even describe Spike! He's our Volunteer Coordinator at Mozfest and involved in many great open projects in the UK. We couldn't do the festival without him!

  • Alison M Wheeler

    Organiser of volunteers par excellence, eg. at Mozfest London 2013


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